Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions people ask about our platform.

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1300 numbers


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Are Jetsip accounts prepaid or postpaid?

Our accounts are postpaid.

When are invoices sent out?

Invoices are generated at the end of the month and emailed out to the accounts contact.

What are the payment terms?

Payment terms are 28 days.

Do you do a credit check?

For accounts with a spend over $500/month we may do a company search. We will discuss it with you if your account triggers this requirement.

Is there a contract with Jetsip?

No. There are no lock in contracts, you can port numbers away or cancel services at any time. We don't however prorate any monthly cost for cancelled services, the full months cost will apply in the month that it was cancelled.

Phone System

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Can I bring my own voip devices?

Yes you can. Any voip device will work with our platform and you're welcome to use whatever device you prefer.

1300/1800 Numbers

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Can I transfer my existing 1300 number to Jetsip?

Yes. 1300/1800 numbers are portable and we can transfer them in from another provider. The process usually takes 5 - 8 business days and there will normally be no downtime during the transfer.